Monday, October 16, 2017

Bullpen at 126


♉ (bull) = All males
     ᴕ (kid) = All junior males

🖌 (paintbrush) = A painthead [a male w/sculpted hair]
♈ (ram) = A fuzzhead [flocked male]
⟱ (shock of hair) = A shaghead [a male w/rooted hair]
♌ (lion's mane) = A mop-top [a male w/wigged hair]

☌ (metro) = A male fashion doll [⚲+♂]
     ⫰ (tadpole) = A junior male fashion doll
⦽ (gallant) = Kenny-Joe, male arti-dolls [⛢ + ⚲]
  ⧓ (bow tie) = GQ Joe, a male action doll that is used as a fashion doll
ⵚ (civilian) = A male action doll, manfig [♂ minus spear]
     ⥉ (horntoad) = A junior male action doll [⫰+⛢]
⚣ (conjoined twins, mas.) = A hybrid male action doll
ⵅ (skeletal body) = A seamless male action doll (body)

⫺ (clapperboard, l.) = a male action star
♂ (soldier) = A GI Joe, a war doll; bellator, militant; male action dolls commonly having sculpted hair and of military origin [shield & spear]
⛉ (shield) = A superhero figure, firemen
     ⩅ (squire) = A sidekick male action doll

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dream Team: League of Sextilian Gentleman!

If I was going to create a 1:6-scale dream team, it would have to include the following:
  • (Millennial) Action Man/Natalie
  • (Millennial) Max Steel
  • Mike Power, the Atomic Man
  • Bullet Man
  • Capt. Action and associates (any era)
  • Mr. Action
  • Dyna-Man/Dyna-Girl
Did I miss anybody?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

HISHE: Captain America...

TUTORIAL: Saving Joe's Neck

Items needed:
  • A file
  • A nylon bushing (Mine had a .312" outer diameter)
    [Hint: bring the head with you to the hardware store for best fit.]
  • Silicone adhesive sealant
  • Plastic Repair Epoxy [I used that from Ace Hardware]

A Classic Collection GI Joe body with a broken neck knob.