Sunday, June 1, 2014

HISHE: Captain America...

TUTORIAL: Saving Joe's Neck

Items needed:
  • A file
  • A nylon bushing (Mine had a .312" outer diameter)
    [Hint: bring the head with you to the hardware store for best fit.]
  • Silicone adhesive sealant
  • Plastic Repair Epoxy [I used that from Ace Hardware]

A Classic Collection GI Joe body with a broken neck knob.

Capt. Action Backstory...?

Who is Captain Action ?
A fan fiction proposal

He is hard to define, in universe. I see his alternative heroic identities as roles he has played/plays,* perhaps as stuntman [Miles Drake?] in his secret identity. His real hero identity would be his default costume, using:

  • his stunt skills (a la The Fall Guy & Gymkata), including driving & piloting skills, parkour, human fly skills,** funambulism, etc. (for starters),
  • special effects techniques (a la the movie F/X),
  • make-up/master-of-disguise skills (beyond superheroes, a la Batman & Lone Ranger),
  • other theatrical techniques & devices (Batman's tackle comes to mind).

*In costume, he could even make promotional appearances and at comicons [as Drake], even using his (non-powered) props as weapons, like Thor's hammer or Capt. America's shield...

**His human fly skills would be great for Spiderman promotionals (and possibly how he got the gig in the first place)...

TUTORIAL: Classic Collection Knee Repair

When I break or lose the plastic pin assembly in the knee joint of a Classic Collection GI Joe, I have found that a piece of hardware called a binding post (sometimes called a sex bolt) to be a workable substitute.

Boys & Dolls...

Rogue's Gallery


Watching for newer Classic Collection sculpts,
such as the "Secret of the Savage Swamp"
(they were used in later carded figures)
or bare-headed RAH sculpts.

Holy Joe

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True Heroes

In 1964, Hasbro introduced us to the action doll. They did not choose a caped crusader or some fictitious mutant. They chose men in uniform. The members of the modern armed services were held up as heroes to the generation in their shadow.

Boys have always played with toy soldiers, but this was different. These soldiers had modern uniforms and equipment. Where previous incarnations [of toy soldiers] were uniform and interchangeable, these could be posed with individual attitudes while still contributing to the greater cause of their organization.

Individuality AND unity were both well represented. With Joe, there were no stars; everyone was a team member. These boys were not celebrating death and destruction, but, rather, the courage of their kith and kin to defend our way of life against real enemies.

Modern sets also, rightfully so, celebrate members of law enforcement and emergency service workers. This is their place in the realm of Sextilia.