Sunday, June 1, 2014

TUTORIAL: Saving Joe's Neck

Items needed:
  • A file
  • A nylon bushing (Mine had a .312" outer diameter)
    [Hint: bring the head with you to the hardware store for best fit.]
  • Silicone adhesive sealant
  • Plastic Repair Epoxy [I used that from Ace Hardware]

A Classic Collection GI Joe body with a broken neck knob.

File the deck of the neck platform flat.
At this point, there is a hole exposing the underlying ball joint. Fill that hole with the sealant and let cure for 24 hours.*
After it has cured, roughen/sand the neck platform and bottom of the bushing in preparation for gluing. Apply a layer of epoxy across the whole top surface of the neck. Center the bushing in place and add a bead of epoxy where it meets the surface of the neck.** It sets in 10-15 minutes. (I had mine do a head stand.) It cures in 24 hours.

CC neck holes vary in diameter and HOF holes are a little large. For larger holes, augment with tape. For smaller, boil the head, but uncertain of glue strength.
The head will still stay on, for display purposes, without the barb.


* The silicone did not inhibit the free movement of the joint and blocks the glue (next step) which would have. The silicone may fall out at a later date, but is only necessary in the short term.
** This epoxy becomes a type of resin when it cures.
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