Sunday, June 1, 2014

Capt. Action Backstory...?

Who is Captain Action ?
A fan fiction proposal

He is hard to define, in universe. I see his alternative heroic identities as roles he has played/plays,* perhaps as stuntman [Miles Drake?] in his secret identity. His real hero identity would be his default costume, using:

  • his stunt skills (a la The Fall Guy & Gymkata), including driving & piloting skills, parkour, human fly skills,** funambulism, etc. (for starters),
  • special effects techniques (a la the movie F/X),
  • make-up/master-of-disguise skills (beyond superheroes, a la Batman & Lone Ranger),
  • other theatrical techniques & devices (Batman's tackle comes to mind).

*In costume, he could even make promotional appearances and at comicons [as Drake], even using his (non-powered) props as weapons, like Thor's hammer or Capt. America's shield...

**His human fly skills would be great for Spiderman promotionals (and possibly how he got the gig in the first place)...

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