Sunday, June 1, 2014

True Heroes

In 1964, Hasbro introduced us to the action doll. They did not choose a caped crusader or some fictitious mutant. They chose men in uniform. The members of the modern armed services were held up as heroes to the generation in their shadow.

Boys have always played with toy soldiers, but this was different. These soldiers had modern uniforms and equipment. Where previous incarnations [of toy soldiers] were uniform and interchangeable, these could be posed with individual attitudes while still contributing to the greater cause of their organization.

Individuality AND unity were both well represented. With Joe, there were no stars; everyone was a team member. These boys were not celebrating death and destruction, but, rather, the courage of their kith and kin to defend our way of life against real enemies.

Modern sets also, rightfully so, celebrate members of law enforcement and emergency service workers. This is their place in the realm of Sextilia.